1.What we do best is execution.

Tel : 818.850.0272 email: AH@InvestmentandTaxStrategies.com

2.A commitment to personal attention at every level

Tel : 818.850.0272 email: AH@InvestmentandTaxStrategies.com


3.The deals we execute also reflect our entrepreneurial culture

Tel : 818.850.0272 email: AH@InvestmentandTaxStrategies.com


4.We believe that dedication, drive and innovation are critical.

Tel : 818.850.0272 email: AH@InvestmentandTaxStrategies.com


We offer outstanding execution capabilities. These services are underpinned by the integrity of our advice, the depth of our resources and the quality of our execution


An intimate understanding of the clients' businesses and the local market enables us to be a true advisor. We ask the right questions and act on what our clients tell us in response

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The longevity of our relationships with many of the world's most prominent institutions and private individuals demonstrates their confidence in our capabilities.

How dare this Latinx family from the Bronx buy a small house outside the city after years of work and send their daughter to a good college so she could one day return to her birth community to champion their vastly unattended needs. Entirely antithetical to the American story

Brother, can you spare a dime? These are the same dudes who $OSTK claims signed a letter of intent to invest in tokens. https://t.co/VDZVK4RBNI

Perhaps he hasn’t seen it in a dm ...Can you book a meeting? @jack

The Red Hen what a beautiful place where you know where your food comes from https://t.co/vftFWyguqb #redhenlex #farmtotable @SarahHuckabee

I have two questions about Space Force:
1) When will Puerto Rico have electricity?
2) When will Flint have clean water?

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Our clients' interests are our top priority. This is how we build long-term client relationships more